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Digital audio recorders Edic-mini are intended for professional recording voice messages into flash memory. The recorder features an extremely small size and weight, long record time (up to 2400 hours), very low power consumption and wide frequency range.
Models of mAVR H.264 series can be located anywhere to provide discreet video surveillance with outstanding H.264 performance. The models record onto SD/SDHC memory card with capacity up to 32 GB, with subsequent decoding (converting) and possibility of playing back the recording on a computer.
Private investigation, law enforcement
Many law enforcement agencies face the decision to record interrogations electronically. The underlying principle of recording is to accurately collect and preserve confession evidence in the most unbiased and efficient manner.
Police and security
We supply both audio and audio-video recording equipment for Police Forces, Government Agencies, Armed Forces, Banks, and other public and private sectors companies worldwide.
When explaining any subject while teaching, you can achieve excellent levels of audience engagement by using sections of recorded speech among your learning materials.
Digital voice recorders Edic-mini are the solution for busy business people who want to record notes, meetings, and ideas without the fuss and bother of tapes.
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Watch the video to witness the process of manufacturing of world's smallest audio recorders.
The journalist from the "Russia today" TV Company visited the office and the production department of our manufacturing company Telesystems.
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