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Смотреть видеоWatch the video to witness the process of manufacturing of world's smallest audio recorders.
The journalist from the "Russia today" TV Company visited the office and the production department of our manufacturing company Telesystems.

You may use the direct link to watch the video from the You-tube site.  

About TS-Market

Our company, TS-Market Ltd., was established by Telesystems Ltd.  on October 23, 2001 as its export agent for trade activity overseas. Now we are an independent export-trading company, promoting wide range of  products and services abroad.

We are not limited by the products and services we are providing and are open to new suggestions and ideas. We welcome cooperation with domestic and foreign companies regarding our mutual marketing and export-import activity.

TS-Market Company promotes 3 major groups of professional security products:

•    Miniature digital Voice Recorders and Video Recorders with location tracking -
Edic-mini Tiny series includes the Guinness World Records winners – the world's smallest professional audio recorders. All voice recorders have extremely long recording time and battery life, low power consumption and miniature size together with a great number of extra features.

Accessories for the above-mentioned devices -

external microphones, GPS receivers, car adapters, memory cards and a lot more.

•    Detectors: Non-linear Junction Detectors and Metal Detectors - 
which carry out such tasks as searching and localization of hidden electronic devices, whether the electronic target is radiating, hard wired or even turned off; and in case of metal detectors - searching for and identifying metal objects in dielectric and low conducting media.  

•    Technical Surveillance Countermeasures equipment -
The professional devices of this group intended for the following tasks: identification of unauthorized radio transmitters, as well as for measuring their power output; detection of hidden video cameras, people and other objects by thermal imagers and night vision devices; optical inspection of banknotes and documents with authenticity detectors. 

TS-Market exports the products in question worldwide to more then 20 countries. Among them there are the United States, Great Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Australia and many others. Vigorous demand for our high-end devices shows that they do appeal to professionals due to their technical features and convenient dimensions.

Audio recorders and video recorders we promote are unique – they have miniature size. Nowadays Telesystems is the leading Russian producer of miniature professional digital audio recorders and accessories for them. We have already registered our digital audio recorder А2М in Guinness World Records as the world's smallest in 2004. Later, in 2007 our digital audio recorder B21 became the world's smallest one and was registered in Guinness World Records - the Russian edition. Then, in May, 2009 Guinness World Records has confirmed tiny size of A31 audio recorder.

Today we are pleased to announce that we have produced even a smaller digital audio recorder and have beaten our own records. We launched B70  the smallest audio recorder in May, 2015!

This achievement is the result of the united work of developers, programmers, specialists of mounting, assembly, testing, and packaging.

We are very pleased that our customers have recognized our products' value and we are sure, our records will motivate us to continue creating tiny and functional devices, which, hopefully, will be appreciated by our clients all over the world.

We welcome new business contacts, be it our new partners or distributors, or customers. We always provide appropriate services and support our business partners with advertising and exhibition materials, free demo samples and favorable terms of payment.

Our company is the official Export Agent of the Russian companies, producing information security tools and miniature digital recorders.

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